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A Guide For Developing Parenting Styles

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Years ago, a mom who has read tens of books about children's education and parenting over the years complained me that the cases presented in books were most of the time totally irrelevant in her case, and added that she was unable to get the results she expected when she tried to practice what were written in books. When I brought up the topic during my interviews with many moms and dads, I observed that a lot of parents had difficulty in adjusting what was written in the books to suit to their daily lives. It can be quite difficult task to write a separate book for each parent but why wouldn't it be possible for parents to adjust the information presented and examples given to suit to their own lives? This book was prepared to serve this purpose. Subjects covered in this book includes a wide age range from early childhood to adolescence. This will enable the families to make the most of this work during all stages of their children's development. The book first presents a case study to the reader, and then the reader is asked to put themselves in the heroes' place and think what could be done, followed by helpful information regarding the resolution of the case and the reader is asked to focus on how s/he could solve this problem in the light of available information. What is aimed here is to make sure the readers can analyze situations with a different perspective, evaluate the subjects in a constructive manner, reach a judgment after re-evaluating in the light of information presented regarding the subject being discussed and devise solutions that would suit to their own family structures in consideration what are given.

The Parents Guide To The Art Of Negotiation

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****The Parents Guide To The Art of Negotiation has been written by a parent for parents****

We all want to be good Parents in our life time. But the journey is one of endurance, joy and heartache. In our society today there are many books and questionable experts on caring for Children and bringing them up. The recent programmes on television, in many cases amount to child abuse and gross ignorance written by the utterly mindless, but perhaps this again reflects on our society today!

I never knew the answer then, as a young man just before leaving the forces. But I had an opportunity to ask a spiritualist what my best job would be? Filled with ambition, I was open to suggestions be it a scientist, lawyer, doctor etc. But the answer I got was as a "Father" and looking back some thirty plus years on, I knew the answer to be right.

It may seem strange for a man to write on such a subject, sadly still in today's society few really appreciate the thoughts of man and especially when it comes to the love and well-being of their Children.

Having been blessed with 5 children and today, beginning to read and hear about my expressed views in this book, now being covered by the media and press. I know the content of this book is invaluable when it comes to common sense, love and care.

Beyond the superficial material nonsense of our society today, if we all paused and looked around at all other life forms, we would finally appreciate our life's purpose is to love and create life. Such views are not romantic whims, but a scientific fact in relation to Natural Law and Quantum Mechanics.

The biggest and most important job in our lives is being a parent. It is rewarding and after time, such an experience begins to put all other things and events into perspective.

I leave you with this Quote;

"As Parents the best we can ever do is to always love our Children. For regardless of our views they will always go their own way." ~ Alastair R Agutter

I hope this book can be a unique and valuable reference, resource and companion for you and found within the following key chapters.

Chapter One - Preparing To Start Your Family

Chapter Two - A New Baby Arrives and How to Care as a Parent

Chapter Three - Those Great Fun Moments Begin, Little Toddlers

Chapter Four - Starting Out in Life Infant School for Your Little One

Chapter Five - Building a Strong Relationship and Junior School

Chapter Six - Senior School and My Child Has Become an Alien

Chapter Seven - Further Education and Adulthood of Your Children

Chapter Eight - Being There As Parents in Their Relationships

Parenting never ends, it only begins!

Cast Life: A Parent's Guide To Ddh

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When a child is diagnosed with Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH) parents experience a range of emotions and responses. They want to understand not only the condition, but also what the future holds for their child. This comprehensive book covers everything you need to know about DDH, from symptoms and explanations of the condition to details of the treatments involved. It also looks at what life is like when your child is in a cast as well as the emotional side of DDH, an area that is often overlooked. Natalie Trice, whose son was born with DDH, wrote Cast Life specifically for other parents as she knows only too well the questions that run through your mind when a diagnosis is made. This essential book doesn't bombard you with medical jargon, but equips you with the knowledge and facts you need to understand and get to grips with DDH. With comments from other parents and case studies, plus expert advice, Cast Life is a must have book for anyone dealing with DDH. The author, Natalie Trice, regularly writes about DDH, parenting and lifestyle issues for various publications, websites and on her blog, She lives in the UK with her husband and two young sons, Eddie and Lucas. Lucas inspired this book and is still on his DDH journey. Part of the royalties from the sale of the book are donated to Spica Warrior (, a UK based charity raising awareness of DDH.

Parenting For New Dads

RRP $16.99

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Parenting for New Dads, A Survival Guide for Parenting for New Dads

Everything You Will Need to Know About Being A New DadFor many expectant dads, the thought of having their first child is an overwhelming experience. The excitement, and anticipation can make it a time of great uncertainty. Being a Dad is the most natural things in world for a man to be, but its fraught with potential pitfalls. In Parenting for New Dads we try an debunk a few myths and give it to you straight about what you're going to be up against and how wonderful the whole experience can be.So you want the low down on what to expectParenting for New Dads will be your unofficial guide throughout this wonderful period from getting the nursery ready to dealing with toddler tantrums. Being a dad wont come naturally to a lot of men but with this book you will have a head start in this epic journey. So sit back and enjoy some peace and quiet..... while you can.... and enjoy reading Parenting for New Dads.

Here's A Preview Of What You'll Discover...

  • What You'll Need for the New Arrival
  • What to Expect at The Hospital
  • Getting Baby Home
  • Dealing With Puke and Poo
  • Sleeping Arrangements or Lack Of!
  • Those First Three Months
  • Learning to Enjoy Time With Baby
  • Bonding With Baby
  • Your First Year
  • Dealing with Expectations
  • Dealing With Toddlers
  • and much more!
Get your copy today to receive all of this information!Tags: Parenting For New Dads, New Dads, New Parents, First Time Father, Survival Guide For New Dads, Parenting, Fatherhood, Being A Dad, First Born, Being A Dad The Basics

A Zombie's Guide To The Holidays

RRP $17.99

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We all know the holidays can be overwhelming. But have you ever considered how stressful they might be for the Living Impaired? These Zombie-inclusive times call for a whole new guide to managing the season. This concise little book for the Undead intersperses tips like ''Keep your head, '' ''Dress to kill, '' and ''Shop 'til they drop'' with illustrations that are, well, dead-on. Coping strategies will help anxious Zombies conquer even Secret Santa shopping and discover that the true spirit of the season is indeed, er, infectious. Having written books for Peter Pauper Press on everything from beer and blarney to etiquette and entertaining, prolific author Ruth Cullen devours most any topiceven Zombies. Undead Illustrator Lisa Fargo, of Fargo Design, Inc., is based in Pittsburgh.


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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
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