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Your Pregnancy: The Netmums Guide To Having A Baby

RRP $38.99

Congratulations - you're pregnant. Once the initial excitement settles, chances are you'll have a thousand and one niggling questions you want answered and, given your unpredictable hormones, answered right now - from what's going to happen to your body over the 280 days of pregnancy to the key details of your child's development in the womb and all the stuff the doctors, and your friends, simply don't tell you.

Help is at hand. Your Pregnancy provides sound medical information, sourced from a hand-selected panel of experts, alongside the indispensable opinions of the Netmums members themselves, whose mum-to-mum insights, tips and advice will make you feel as though you have your very own ante-natal group in the comfort of your own home. This is the only book you need to guide through pregnancy, birth and into new motherhood.

A Yummy Mummy's Guide To Pregnancy

RRP $18.99

A must have for all first time mums Just found out your pregnant for the first time? Want to understand the process? Need to know what's coming up in the next 9 months? This book has been written with first time mums in mind. As a first time mum myself I wanted to make sure I was as informed as possible about what pregnancy meant. Now that I've given birth I felt I should share what I know about how it works while telling my own story. I cover many different things from morning sickness, to your belly after labour. How is the baby going to develop? What will labour be like? I try to cover as much as I can about things I either experienced first hand or researched and found out about. I include lists of new born essential items as well as your hospital bag checklist. The aim is to take away at least some of your concerns leaving space in your mind to enjoy being pregnant. Unlike some other pregnancy books this is written by someone that's been where you are and experienced at least some of what you have either currently or in the weeks and months to come. This book will help you on the journey to motherhood.

I Have A Life Pregnancy Book

RRP $18.95

From the moment a woman realizes she's pregnant, she's overwhelmed with all sorts of details, from doctor's appointments to diapers and nutrition to nursing. There's so much to learn and do that packing it all into a mere nine months may seem impossible! Luckily, The "I Have a Life" Pregnancy Guide makes the journey to motherhood manageable. This crash course on pregnancy basics cuts to the chase and includes: An overview of what to expect each month, along with checklists, schedules, and calendars Key tips on nutrition, fitness, breastfeeding, and birthing preparation "Pregnancy Treats" that remind women to take some time for themselves Sassy and succinct, The "I Have a Life" Pregnancy Guide has all the right stuff to make the road to motherhood enjoyable and informative. AUTHOR: Andrea Mattei is the former Managing Editor of the men's fashion trade magazine MR, the author/editor of several books including The Only Clutter Control Book You'll Ever Need and The "I Have a Life" Bride's Guide. A new mother herself, she is also the resident wedding expert on


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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
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