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A History Of Diabetes In Pregnancy

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Type 1 diabetes is a serious and common disease, afflicting one per 200 of the population worldwide. It is widely believed to cause harmful physical maldevelopment--congenital malformations--and other consequences in the unborn children of women with the disease. This book considers the history of the disease in pregnant women and this belief that it causes anomalies since the time of the discovery of insulin in 1921, and presents a profound and critical appraisal of the subject of its supposed prenatal harmfulness.

Obesity In Pregnancy

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This book presents and discusses research which examines how obstetric morbidities are associated with obesity, as well as the importance of this area of research because it has reached epidemic proportions. Also discussed herein is how scanning obese patients is one of the major challenges of sonographers and it limits their ability to fully evaluate an individual's condition in general and anatomy survey in particular. Indeed, obesity represents a critical modifiable risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcomes with serious obstetric implications for both the mother and the foetus.

God's Pregnancy Blessings

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God's Pregnancy Blessings: Having a Healthy First Trimester of Motherhood By: Jennifer G. Portland M.D. The Blessings of Pregnancy Pregnancy is a gift; a work of nature. Some people consider it a blessing from God as it is the fruit of love between a man and a woman. From an academic perspective though, this process stays as an interestingly curious development of life that is part of what makes the world go round. It is where the sperm and the egg meet and in a methodical process called embryogenesis, a child is formed. For the human race, to be pregnant and bear a child means the continuation of life. As of 2012, 7.99 deaths occur per 1000 people globally per year. Of these deaths, 39.48 deaths out of 1000 newborns occur. This high and significant number of infant mortality blinks at everyone in bright red colors, asking for immediate resolution. This could be done by proper prenatal care not only for the growing life but also for the mother who is bearing such new life. This is possible if everyone will take some time to understand the wonders of pregnancy and what one could do to protect such. Among the stages of pregnancy, the first trimester is seen as the most critical stage of all. In the first three months, the mother is the most sensitive as her body seems to adjust to the changes. Here she will feel uncomfortable with her own self as her body forces itself to accommodate the new life in her womb. Meanwhile, the baby is still in the process of being formed, and its formation will only be successful if the mother provides the proper care and supplement it needs to complete its formation. It is therefore necessary for every couple---especially those who are planning to have their children for the first time, to carefully know everything about pregnancy---from planning, bearing, until giving birth. This way, you will be able to happily welcome a new life in your arms and into your family. This eBook will discuss everything that you need to know about pregnancy, more specifically during the first trimester where bearing a child is most critical. Later on in the book, you will understand everything about the fetus---from its creation until its development, and you will learn how to care not only for the new life but also for yourself as its bearer. You may be a First Time Pregnancy Mom .....


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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
Toddlers Child Adolescents Parenting Tips

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