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101 Parenting Tips, Tricks And Bits Of Wisdom

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After two decades of parenting and talking with new parents, Karen Bemmes realized there was so much that she knows now that she wishes she had known as a new parent, and there are so many new parents now that could benefit from that knowledge. That is how 101 Parenting Tips, Tricks and Bits of Wisdom was born. It gives new parents answers to questions they may not have even thought of and tricks to make them feel like a veteran parent even if they're a newbie.

Toddler Taming Tips

RRP $20.99

For those with less time on their hands Toddler Taming Tips offers authoritative but instant, practical and commonsense advice for parents with children at the challenging stage of toddlerdom. Based on over twenty-five years' experience, Dr Green's methods will help you to enjoy the toddler years, demystifying childcare and bringing the fun back into parenting. Toddler Taming Tips includes advice on: - sleep solutions that really work - successful potty training - the very latest on healthy eating - discipline - how to make life easier for yourself - dealing with tantrums - the low-down on playgroups, pre-schools, being a working parent And much more!

77 Tips For A Grown-up Man

RRP $18.99

Inspired by his daughter, Ellison, 77 Tips For A Grown-Up Man is Kurt Starnes' first published literary effort. Realizing that Ellison was becoming more aware of his behavior as she grew up, Kurt was compelled to make an earnest effort to grow up himself and teach by example. While the growing up process continues, this book represents some areas in which he believes he's made the most progress. Kurt thinks there is still much more room for improvement and hopefully more tips for Volumes 2, 3 and beyond. Touching on health, fitness, addiction, appearance, education, thought, parenting, manners, memories and the future, this book holds half a lifetime's worth of knowledge reduced to 77 concise tips from this Grown-Up Man in progress.

Contemporary Parenting

RRP $375.99

Through a global, multidisciplinary perspective, this book describes how four factors influence parenting practices: a countries historical and political background, the parent's educational history, the economy and the parent's financial standing, and advances in technology. Case studies that illustrate the impact these four factors have on parents in various regions help us better understand parenting in today's global, interconnected world. Descriptions of parenting practices in countries from Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean give readers a contemporary perspective. Both research and clinical implications when working with families from various cultures are integrated throughout.

Part I reviews the four major factors that shape parenting practices. Part II features cases written by contributors with extensive experience in parenting practice and research that bring to life the ways in which these four factors influence parenting within their region. Each chapter in Part II follows the same format to provide consistency for comparative purposes: an introduction, historical and political, economic, educational, and societal factors and parenting practices, and a conclusion.

Each case reviews:

  • Historical and political factors such as slavery, war, and natural disasters and how these factors impact cultural beliefs, parenting behaviors, and a child's development
  • Economic factors which impact the capacity for consistent, involved parenting which can result in low IQ, behavioral problems, depression, and domestic conflict and the need to account for financial factors when developing intervention programs
  • Educational levels impact on parenting practices and their children's achievements
  • Advances in technology and its impact on parenting practices.

Intended for graduate or advanced undergraduate courses in families in global context, immigrant families, family or public policy, multiculturalism or cross-cultural psychology, social or cultural development, counseling, social work, or international development taught in human development and family studies, psychology, social work, sociology, anthropology, racial studies, and international relations, this book also appeals to practitioners and researchers interested in family studies and child development and policy and program managers of governments, NGOs, and mental health agencies.

Travelling At A Bargain-great Travel Tips

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If you are in search of great travel tips then you must acquire a copy of "Travelling At a Bargain-Great Travel Tips." This book is a bit different from the other books that are out there as it really goes into a bit of detail on how the frugal traveler can really find the best deals to suite their budget. The author has done quite a bit of traveling herself and has found that with a bit of time and effort, great discounts can be found not only for airfare but for hotel stay and transportation as well. The book makes the reader aware of certain tips and tricks that they can use while planning their next vacation and also lets them know the various mediums that they can use to find these deals. The book is a great tool that can be used to make the vacation the best one ever.


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