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Parenting With Love

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Better Parenting Through A Better You

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God gave children parents to guide them in their journeys into productive and responsible individuals. Wiley challenges parents to examine the values they want to implant in their children as she discusses a good self image, honesty, the love of God and the world he created as the values she considers most important. Wiley considers a good self image as the most necessary quality to possess to succeed in this world. She believes the mind controls not only what you think but how you feel and what you do. She discusses her son's struggle with dyslexia, her struggle with a speech defect, and becoming a teacher. It always comes back to self esteem and believing in one's self. One has to be honest with one's self before one can accept herself for what she really is. This leads Wiley to honesty which she believes is second to self esteem in qualities needed to be responsible and successful. Wiley believes everyone has to believe in some higher power to have the strength necessary to succeed as a parent. For her, this authority is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit all in one. He gives her the strength to cope no matter what happens. Wiley believes the most effective way of guiding children is through modeling. She also discusses guiding children into becoming responsible adults by setting limits and applying natural consequences. Parents have a responsibility to their children to love them unconditionally and model values for them rather than being responsible for what their children do. Communication is the key to success in any endeavor, and in families communication must begin with the parents and include the children. Wiley concludes her book by discussing ways to include fun; a family that plays together grows into a loving caring family.

Parenting For New Dads

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Parenting for New Dads, A Survival Guide for Parenting for New Dads

Everything You Will Need to Know About Being A New DadFor many expectant dads, the thought of having their first child is an overwhelming experience. The excitement, and anticipation can make it a time of great uncertainty. Being a Dad is the most natural things in world for a man to be, but its fraught with potential pitfalls. In Parenting for New Dads we try an debunk a few myths and give it to you straight about what you're going to be up against and how wonderful the whole experience can be.So you want the low down on what to expectParenting for New Dads will be your unofficial guide throughout this wonderful period from getting the nursery ready to dealing with toddler tantrums. Being a dad wont come naturally to a lot of men but with this book you will have a head start in this epic journey. So sit back and enjoy some peace and quiet..... while you can.... and enjoy reading Parenting for New Dads.

Here's A Preview Of What You'll Discover...

  • What You'll Need for the New Arrival
  • What to Expect at The Hospital
  • Getting Baby Home
  • Dealing With Puke and Poo
  • Sleeping Arrangements or Lack Of!
  • Those First Three Months
  • Learning to Enjoy Time With Baby
  • Bonding With Baby
  • Your First Year
  • Dealing with Expectations
  • Dealing With Toddlers
  • and much more!
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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
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