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Children More At Risk With Effects Of Smoking

Smoking is easily among the most widespread hobbies in the world. Nicotine is also perhaps the second most abused substance in the world, followed closely by alcohol. Medical science has already p........ Read More

How To Take Great Photos Of Your Child

Children are naturally photogenic. Ive worked in studios and children are so easy to photograph. What I hear from parents is that they dont think that their kids are that easy to photograph. Thats on........ Read More

Gem State Idaho Child Support

Establishing and Enforcing Idaho Child Support Orders
If you do not already have a child support order, Idaho Child Support Services office can help you navigate the legal requirements to g........ Read More

Child Discipline: What Really Works?

One thing I hate to do is discipline my son. He is such a good boy most of the time, but when he gets angry he is awful! Disciplining your child is one of the hardest things to do as a parent. It is i........ Read More

Super-size Baby: The Causes Of Child Obesity

As a child, do you remember being given a lot of food and being told to gulp down every single bit of it? Have you encountered parents who think that fat children make healthy and happy children? Th........ Read More

The Independent Child

When my youngest child was just over one year old, I took him to run errands with a friend. As I was leaving the house, I put my son down and helped him walk down the stairs. As my friend watched........ Read More

Celebrating Life With Children In September

Here are ten simple pleasures you can enjoy with your children this month. 1. Ask your child to read a book to you. Younger children can look at the pictures and describe what’s going on in the boo........ Read More

Suggestions For Home Remedies To Use On Children

We have all been in a situation as parents at one time or another where we wished things had occurred differently. It never fails, just as everything is going badly, something else comes along and ........ Read More

How To Successfully Home School Your Child

Homeschooling your child has many benefits nowadays as private schools get more and more expensive, and let’s face it, that’s not going to change any time soon. Home education also allows much mor........ Read More

Tutoring: The Help Your Child Needs!

If you have ever had a child who is doing badly in school then you know how heart breaking and stressful it can be. One of the best ways to get your child to do better is to find a good tutor. These a........ Read More

Do The World’s Poor Children Really Need A $100 Laptop?

The chairman and founder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab recently launched the $100 laptop to the world’s media. Is it necessary? MIT rolled out a non-profit association, cal........ Read More

Toilet Training Children With Down Syndrome

Most parents wonder how their children with Down syndrome will learn to become toilet trained. This is understandably an anxious time for a parent, as you might be thinking about sending your child t........ Read More

Childhood Obesity – What Can Parents Do?

As the government becomes more aware of the problem of childhood obesity, schools in the UK are now planning to weigh and measure all children at the ages of 4-5, when they start primary school and ag........ Read More

Don't Jump To Judgement On Introverted Children!

We all worry about our children. There are an abundance of problems in society that produce a number of sociological disorders, as well as physical conditions which we are all at a loss to understan........ Read More

Child Safety - How To Use "code Words" Effectively

Did you know that there is a 1 in 42 chance that YOUR child will become lost, missing, or abducted? In other words...those are not odds in your favor! To many people have become very complacent about ........ Read More


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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
Toddlers Child Adolescents Parenting Tips

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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
Toddlers Child Adolescents Parenting Tips

Chatter on Children


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