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How To Make Puppets With Your Children

Kids like to play with puppets, because they can use their fantasy during this period (and they have rich imagination). They can imagine peoples, animals, different situations and life attitudes. Thes........ Read More

Children In Need

We all have our pet charities that we love, and we find time to give them what we can in the way of help and donations. One popular type of charity is one that helps children in need. Children are i........ Read More

Chlamydia Is Killing Your Child

A recent study has given infertile men new hope of successfully conceiving a child with their partners. The culprit may just be a silent bacterial infection called chlamydia lurking within their bodi........ Read More

Is Your Child Ready For Their Own Email Account?

Are you a parent? If you are, your child may be using the internet, if they aren’t already doing so. While most children start out just using the internet for school research projects, there come........ Read More

A Guide To Choosing The Right Toy For Your Child’s Age

Choosing the right toy for your child’s age is not just a matter of selecting a toy that will engage, entertain and educate them, it is also a matter of safety. If you’ve browsed the aisles of any........ Read More

Using Audio Books To Get Children To

Would you liket to get your kids to read more? Audio books are proving to be a useful and enjoyable way for children to learn in a natural and entertaining manner. They show more attention and focus t........ Read More

Changing Schools From Your Child’s Perspective

There is one thing that is a bit strange about the process we, go through to pick the right school for our children. Parents often develop a very systematic evaluation system for picking a school w........ Read More

A Better World With Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship enables a common person in an evolved country to aid a child from a poorly developed part of the world until he can become independent. This aid consists in money, clothes, moral sup........ Read More

Protecting Your Children From Your Divorce

Any child going through a divorce is going to experience some emotional pain, feelings of loss, sadness, frustration and possibly abandonment or rejection. As parents it is important to help children ........ Read More

Mommy Second Child

Since she's been there, done that, what do you get a veteran mom with a new baby? According to Kids II, one of the fastest-growing infant toy companies in America, selecting baby gifts for second-ti........ Read More

Developing Reading Skills In Your Child

A lot of teaching your child to read is first instilling in your child a desire to read. It’s so very important for the child to know that reading activities and learning to read is fun. Early on, f........ Read More

Air Travel Tips For Parents Of Young Children

Are you the parent of an infant, toddler, or preschooler? If you are, are you also in the process of planning a trip that requires air travel? If you are, you may be dreading your upcoming flight......... Read More

Children’s Shows On Television

There seem to be more children’s shows on television than every before. There are two stations that devote much of their daytime programming to these shows. When I was young, there wasn’t much fro........ Read More

Children And Violence

How far does violence extend, how do we determine exactly who is responsible for the violence that children are seeing on television and in music. What about video games, who is taking the responsi........ Read More

Bringing Up Bright And Happy Children With Autism

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that parenting a child is the most difficult task they’ve ever encountered. They’ll also tell you it’s the most rewarding. Parenting a child with autism, ho........ Read More


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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
Toddlers Child Adolescents Parenting Tips

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Parenting Childhood Obesity Pregnancy Parenting Guide
Toddlers Child Adolescents Parenting Tips

Chatter on Children


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